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Why there are 50 Words for Snow

Do you know why there are 50 words for snow? This is a story about how words shape your world. 

“Soy Paisa” means “I am a Paisa.”

Paisa is a word used to describe the people from the Medellin and central region of Colombia in South America. The word has great pride and honor like you’d say, “I am British” or “I’m Texan.”

You might already know that I live in Colombia part of the year. In part to learn to speak Spanish fluently so that I can share my speeches without a translator. In part because the weather is better than most anywhere in the world and the people are incredibly friendly. 

In Medellin, I’ve had to learn how to speak “Paisa” Spanish. “Que más pues pacero?” Is loosely translated to “What’s up my friend?” It’s slang used for close friends.

Learning another language and dialect has taught me so much about my native language of English and also about life in general. Specifically the power of our words. 

Here is what I mean. 

Your world creates your words. 

AND … Your words create your world.

For example Inuits (eskimos) have 50 words for snow. Why? Because it is often critical to their safety and survival to know specifically the type of snow. 

While Spanish countries near the equator, they have 1 word for snow … snow. Because there is no need to have words for something you only see in the movies. 

Countries near the equator don’t describe the year in terms of seasons, like winter, spring, summer, fall. It’s hot all year. But they might describe the year as, rainy season and dry season.

Your world determines your words. 

But also your words create your world. 

Did you know that many people use 4 times more negative words than positive words in daily life? Why is this? Negative words generally have more power and emotion. When we get angry or upset we want to describe more specifically like the way snow is described in the Arctic. 

This is why you must choose your words carefully and be purposeful in the words you think, use and especially feel. 

If you want life to get better, choose better words to say, use and feel. For example, when someone asks you, “How are you?” Don’t respond in the typical, “Not bad” or “Okay.” Do you really want your life to just be okay or not bad? 

Instead say, “I feel incredible”, “I’m amazing” or if you want to be funny, “If I felt any better, it would be illegal.” Zig Ziglar, one of the grandfathers of self-help used to say, “I’m super good, but I’m getting better.” And then he would laugh in his distinctive chuckle. 

Why do wine enthusiasts have several dozens of words to describe a wine? Full-bodied, earthy, zesty, delicate, dry, fruity, notes of berries, silky. It’s not because they are snooty. Okay, well some are. But generally it is  because they need to precisely describe the wine to others who also can taste the subtle differences. I love wine, but I am limited to less than a dozen words because I don’t have the intimate detail with the nuances of the flavors. 

What if you intentionally chose to use uplifting and empowering more often. How would that affect your life? It would feel weird at first. You’d get a few chuckles if you said, “I’m super good but I am getting better.” Cynics might taunt you a little. But isn’t that a compliment? 

You would notice some small positive changes immediately, but the real benefit would be over the long haul. Everything about your life would get better because you are focused on positive words which would make you more aware of positive things which would then align your vibration with the universe to attract more positive things into your life. 

Like attracts like. 

Choose your words wisely. 

Words have power!

Dream Big and Live Boldly, 

… Croix

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