Why success does not take sacrifice - Why success does not take sacrifice

Why success does not take sacrifice

Many ask me, was it hard to run a marathon a day as you ran across America?

Most would say you have to “sacrifice” or “suffer.”
I disagree.

You have to make a choice.

Make a choice to be great.
Make a choice to be different and to achieve what most would never achieve.
Make a choice to push through what stops other people.

A sacrifice implies you are giving up one thing for another. But greatness is a choice, never a sacrifice.

Everyday it took me 15 minutes just to get out of bed and stand up because the pain was brutal. Everyday, I had to choose to keep running even when I wanted to stop. I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. Often I had to choose to keep going forward minute by minute. I kept choosing my dream over quitting.

But I didn’t run a marathon at a time.
I didn’t run one mile at a time.

I took one step at a time.
About 33,000 steps every day.
One small step at a time.
Small steps equals huge accomplishments..

Every step moved me forward.
Every mile got me closer.
Everyday got another marathon checked off.
100 days got me across America.

You have a choice.
You can do the same thing as you’ve always done or …

You can choose to be great.
You can choose to change your habits.
You can choose to ignore the naysayers.

Here is the “secret” …
It’s not just about the run. The run was an example of choosing to do something great.

It’s about following your passion and your dreams. It’s about doing something amazing. It’s about choosing greatness over common results.

There is no magic in what I did. Just one small step after the other. You could run across America too, if you wanted to, and you did the training. But it is not about that. It is about you doing what brings YOU alive and choosing to be great.

What are you waiting for?
Choose a big goal.
Choose to take the steps to make it happen.
Choose to push through when you want to quit.
Choose to get back up when you fall.

Choose to be Great!

… Croix Sather

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