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Why Spring comes after Winter

I love spring because it always comes after winter. It’s funny how that works every year without fail. 

I am not a fan of winter. It’s dark, it’s cold and it seems to last forever. But after a long winter, things change when all of a sudden everything starts to turn green and blooms in a short period of time.

But it doesn’t actually happen that way?

For weeks the weather is too cold to support life so we don’t see any flowers or new leaves. Even after it starts to warm up, winter seems to still have a strong hold and it continues to look lifeless.

But just out of sight magic is happening. Everything is changing and growing but you can’t see it. It’s invisible for now. Then all of a sudden there are blooms and flowers and the grass turns bright green.

When you are in the winter of life, when nothing is going your way, don’t give up. Weather the storms and snowy temperatures knowing that one day winter will come to pass as you begin to enter your spring season. 

Let life start to shift below the surface. 

Keep your faith. Do the work.

So that you can reap the rewards.

Others won’t see the work you are doing until one day they can’t ignore it.  

One day in what seems like a giant change, the winter of your life will turn into a beautiful brilliant spring filled with color, fragrance and happiness. 

Keep the faith and then celebrate when your life blossoms.

Dream Big and Live Boldly,

… Croix

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Life Transformation and Peak Performance Expert, author, professional speaker, and global traveler. Croix is the Author of Dream Big Act Big, Dream Big Life Planner, Morning Manifestation, and the host of the Zen Warrior Podcast. He travels full time living the speaker and laptop lifestyle living part time in Costa Rica and wherever he feels like experiencing.

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