When life is hard, do this. - When life is hard, do this.

When life is hard, do this.

When life is beating you up, remember this.

Every season of life is temporary. 

The good is temporary, so savor the moments and receive it fully. 

The bad is temporary, so find the lesson and the purpose to be ready for better days. 

Many people feel they are have little influence on the storms that happen in their life and that they can do little to control life. The reality is that you have the power to create any life circumstances you want. The frustration is that we get stuck if a dramatic change for the better doesn’t happen fast, it seems impossible to escape the problem. 

So what happens? 

You repeat the same behaviors and create the same problems. 

Ugh. We all do it. Until … 

Until … 

We decide to take a direction. 

You don’t have to force it. 

You don’t have to argue about it. 

You don’t even have to tell anyone about it. 

Just do something different. 

Stop doing what brings you pain. 

Start doing what will make your life better. 

And keep making changes in your life until life gets better. 

To gracefully navigating the storms of life, 

… Croix


Focus on what you want, not what is happening and the universe will help you through the storm. 

About the Author Croix Sather

Life Transformation and Peak Performance Expert, author, professional speaker, and global traveler. Croix is the Author of Dream Big Act Big, Dream Big Life Planner, Morning Manifestation, and the host of the Zen Warrior Podcast. He travels full time living the speaker and laptop lifestyle living part time in Costa Rica and wherever he feels like experiencing.

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