What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.

“What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.”

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"What was impossible, becomes possible.  What was hard, becomes easy." - Croix Sather - butterfly image

“What was impossible, becomes possible.
What was hard, becomes easy.”
– Croix Sather

When I went from a non-runner to a run across America in just one year, in part, it was to prove the idea that we have greatness inside of us that is beyond measure.
How did I go from non-runner to running a marathon a day every day for 100 days?
In the beginning of my training, I took a lot more days off than I did running. As my body slowly adapted, I took fewer days off and increased my mileage. In less than a year, I was running 20 miles a day for 5 days a week. Then I ran from California to NYC, and I ran over 26 miles every day.
My success was not based on any one day, but my overall progress. My transformation happened by always improving. There were a lot of bad run training days. There were plenty of days I didn’t want to run, but I did anyway.
It wasn’t an overnight metamorphosis. It was months of dedication, discomfort, and often pain.
If you cut open a cocoon so a butterfly doesn’t go through the difficult process of squeezing out, it will not fly. It can’t because it needs that pressure to squeeze out the excess fluid waste.
If you want to do something epic and be someone extraordinary, you will need to grow beyond what is comfortable, just like the butterfly.
I never worried much about the bad days, the unmotivated days or the painful days. I focused on getting better week by week and month by month. And slowly that is what happened.
What was impossible, becomes possible.
What was hard, becomes easy.
Don’t focus on the short game of instant gratification.
Focus on the long game of greatness.
Keep your head down and do your thing.
When you stick to to your end game long enough, you will discover a greatness inside of you that is beyond measure. Beyond what seems possible today.
If you want to loose weight, go to the gym and stick it out day after day. It will start slow, but then the magic happens. If you want be wealthy, build your business and wealth everyday. It won’t seem like much in the beginning, but then you hit a tipping point and everything changes.
To your amazing success,
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