Succeed Big or Fail Greatly Succeed Big or Fail Greatly

Succeed Big or Fail Greatly

The Winner is …
In sports, there is one winner.
But life isn’t a 90 minute game.

If you set a goal to earn $500k this year, but you only made $400k. Did you loose?

If you set a goal to loose 50 pounds this year, but you only lost 45. Are you a failure?

When you set your goals high and fall short, you have still accomplished something amazing. You still accomplished more than most people ever will.

The biggest challenge for most people is not that they set big goals and fall short. The biggest challenge is that people set goals to low. Many don’t set goals at all.

If you are going to dream … Dream Big!
If you are going to set a goal .. set a Big Goal.

“But I have failed so many times, and you want me to set an even bigger goal?”

Small goals are uninspiring.
Small goals are safe and boring.
Small goals are easy to neglect and forget.

They will motivate you.
Big goals will activate the best part of you.
Big goals will make you hustle.

But here is the secret …
The goal must be something that inspires you.

Setting a big random goal does not work if it does not stir your soul.

“I want to earn a million dollars” is not a goal, it is garbage talk. That in itself is not inspiring. There is no purpose. Money by itself does not motivate (not for long anyway).

But when you have a purpose and you work towards that purpose, then everything falls into place.

– You will push through the plateaus and the roadblocks.
– You will be more focused and keep your eye on the target.
– You will gain speed with experience.

Most important, you will feel fulfilled by following something that you are passionate about. Something that lights up your soul.

Whatever you set for a goal to do, or be …
Give it everything you got.

In the end …

You will have succeeded.
You will have failed greatly and bravely knowing that you gave it all you got.

Failing greatly is far better than failing by default because you didn’t even try.

To your epic success,

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