Small Shifts Equals Huge Difference

It’s just a small shift.
But that small shift can make a huge difference.

If you changed just one small thing this month.
You focused on it every day.
Made it a habit.

How would that effect your year?

What if you focused on just one new small thing each month.
12 small shifts throughout the year.

How would that effect your year?
How would that effect your life?

Need an example?
January – Plan your day the night before.
February – Sleep by 10:30 (get 7-8 hours)
March – Exercise 20/min a day
April – Meditate 15/min day
May – Get the most important thing done first
June – Limit social media/games to 15/min/day
… etc …

Imagine the cumulative effect of all of these small shifts that become habits. How much different would your life be in a few months? A few years? In a decade?

It’s the small wins that make the biggest difference over time. Like compound interest of your investments. The results are mind blowing over a lifetime.

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