Oh f*ck, we elected Trump? Why this may just be a great thing.

Oh f*ck, we elected Trump?
Why this may just be a great thing.

This isn’t about politics, it’s about you and me.

It’s a shock that he won. Not only to the left, but also to many on the right. Almost everybody missed the signs of his impending win.

Trump is an extremely ego driven man.
This ego may be the very thing that makes him a great President.

Granted, we all know – from the left, right and center – this will be one hell of a ride. He says stupid things and acts like a 5 year old on a tirad at times. We may just be okay if he doesn’t tweet at 3am.

But if we remember back to GW Bush, he said and did really stupid things too. Carter, a sweet man, but not all that smart. What about Nixon and Johnson – both kicked out of the White house. That’s just to name a few Presidential fails. We have had our share of knuckleheads sitting in the oval office … no doubt.

And we may just have one again.

But what if …
Just what if …

What if Trump’s ego motivates him to extraordinary?

Trump is crazy.
But, it is the crazy ones that change the world.

What if his advisors, cabinet, and staff help him rein in the crazy just enough to do some really great things for the red, white and blue. It’s been a long time since the political discourse has had a serious shake up and fat trimming.

For a moment, forget about his shortcomings.
What is Trump good at besides bullying, offending and grabbing?

– He has built an empire known around the world for it’s greatness and luxury.
– He has failed at a lot of business ventures. If he learned from it, that’s invaluable experience.
– He brings business experience that the White House has never ever seen before.
– He is a tough negotiator.
– He will push the limits.
– He knows how to get things done in a BIG way.

That is what America is about, right?
Big dreams, Big goals, and reaching for the stars.

There are many things I find disgusting about Trump. Things that are the opposite of what I believe a man should do, behave and be. Things I won’t explain to my tween daughter. I wouldn’t vote for him.

But I can set my vote and beliefs aside enough to understand why half of America did. And those reasons are significant and many of them I also agree with.

The government is bloated.
If anyone can curb that, this might be the guy.

The establishment is slow, lethargic and out of touch.
Maybe he can light a fire under their ass.

Taxes are broken, needing reform.
Healthcare needs an overhaul.
Some International agreements need attention.
And lots more that Trump may just be the kind of crazy we need for a while.

I don’t think Trump is as crazy or as stupid as he may seem. I don’t think he is as radical as he seems. If you have been watching him over the decades (I was a fan years ago, until I met him), you will know that he is more center isle than he ran his campaign. His election had to go extreme, it was one of the only ways an outsider could beat the establishment.

Am I worried? In some ways I am terrified about what is possible if he doesn’t control his ego, insecurities, attitude and temper. He has some very dark and deep rooted demons he is fighting.I don’t doubt his love for this country. So, I also believe he has amazing potential when harnessed for good.

I don’t have to like Trump as a person or a President, but I will respect him, his cabinet, and his presidency. I will also respect everyone who voted for him. I also respect those who are protesting against him. This is called democracy. We have a right to be heard.

I also choose to believe and know that good will win over evil. Maybe now or maybe in the future. But good always wins.

I realized something today while reading about the election poll breakdown, stats and how elections have played out for us in the past.

We go left. Then we go right. We go left again. Then we go right again. The liberals help force progress. The Conservatives keep us reigned in with cherished traditional values. Neither one is better because it is only together that we make sense. Only together can we figure out our problems, retain our history, and create a better future.

It is the dance between the left and the right that makes this country beautiful, graceful and amazing. We are one of the few countries in the world that have figured how to dance.

One thing that I am certain of … is this …
I choose to lead with compassion, respect, and integrity.
I choose to let love lead me.

Because in the end, that is what we all want. To be safe, to have meaning in our life, to be understood, to love, and to be loved. Ultimately, it always comes down to love.

Time will tell if Trump is a great President or not. But one this is certain, we will have a lot of late night comedy material, Tweets that make us shake our head and think ‘WTF’, and more people will be involved in the political process than ever before.

God Bless America
God bless every person in every country, race, creed, religion, sex, gender, beliefs and choices.

Trump, I may not voted for you, but I am rooting for you to give us another unexpected surprise of greatness. But please keep your fingers off Twitter and the nuclear codes.

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