My First Week As A NOMAD

My first week as a nomad.

My first week as a Nomad - Croix SatherIt’s crazy.
It’s amazing.
It’s a bit intimidating.
But it is oooooh … so way cool.

What I am doing (in case you missed it). I am living the full time traveling lifestyle. No home, no hotels, no plan. My lease was up and everything I own went into storage. I jumped into my car with a couple of suitcases and I am zig zagging the country on my Dream Big America tour staying with friends.

I will be traveling for 100+ days. My kids are with my wonderful ex, Tina. She truly is an amazing mom and woman, and we are blessed to have such a great friendship. I stay in touch with my kids on text and Facetime. I will return in time for spring break and my daughter’s birthday.

I’ve stayed with 3 different friends this first week. Ed Ronan is a new friend who I will see again in Florida when I present my inspiration “Dream Big” talk to his team for their corporate event. Mary Gilbert I met once briefly 5 years ago at one of my run across America talks (see my previous post about this rockstar who moved to he dream town and also lost 100 pounds) and then I stayed with my spiritual advisor and dearest friend, the Millionaire Medium Lisa Jones.

I wasn’t totally sure I would like staying with friends. But it has been incredibly comfortable and fun crashing others people’s homes. Their lifestyles are dramatically different, and that is what I love about this idea. I cherish the differences in people. I thrive on learning how others navigate this thing we call life. My soul is filled by the presence of amazing people. And that they are – and sooooo much more.

This I have learned in my first week as a nomad ..

I am figuring this out as I go.
With few exceptions, this journey is a blank canvas to paint a masterpiece. I’ve wanted to do this for years. And now, here I am experiencing America on local roads and through the eyes of others.

Sometimes, the best plan is to simply jump and figure it out along the way. So that is exactly what I am doing. As the cliché goes, “Not all that wander are lost.” And wow, what a journey it has become.

My friends Lisa and David Jones have been kind enough to let me stay longer than planned. I may have over stayed my welcome (sorry guys J ), but it has been the most beautiful thing I could ask for because it gave me the safe and beautiful place to decompress, and let go of what was “normal” so that I can step up to this new “normal” travel lifestyle with grace.

Plus Lisa did some of her magic on me … holy moly … she is amazing. I strongly recommend everyone get a “Divine Angel Reading” from her. It was beyond powerful. She is one of the only people in the world I trust with my unconscious mind. Connect with her if you want to know what this is and how it will help you find peace within, and clarity of your purpose.

Is this a radical shift in lifestyle?
Not really. It’s a huge change in terms of where I sleep and work. A new place every few days certainly takes a bit of adjustment. But other than that, it is has been easy because I have learned this already, wherever I go – there I am. It has taken me years to get to this point, but now I am very comfortable with who I am. And so, I am comfortable most any place I am.

My biggest challenge has been that I am having too much fun and I am totally loving this travel lifestyle. However, I need to develop a new schedule and travel work ethic. It is far too easy to chat with friends or go sight seeing in a new city and find that at the end of the day, I didn’t get any work done. I may be on a nomadic journey but some work still has to get done.

So, at the end of my first week, it has been an amazing success.
… Croix



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