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Why I moved to Colombia South America

“Why did you move to Colombia?”
My response, “Why not?”

We are talking about Colombia, the country in South America. A totally different country where I didn’t speak the language. “Why not?” is just a short explanation, but the reasons go so much deeper. Have you ever wanted to do something, but it seemed crazy and so you never actually do it? Well, I decide that I would stop making excuses and start making it happen.

Why not experience the world?
Why not learn a new language? 
Why not go deep into a new culture?
Why not open your eyes, your mind and your soul to new experiences?

Why not follow that voice that calls you to live an adventure?
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Croix Sather in Guatape Colombia

When I got off the plane in Colombia, I knew. It was a visceral feeling that pierced my soul instantly. It was an energetic connection like I was home. This is where I want to live.

Every day I fell deeper in love with the city, the people, the activities, and the culture.

I can walk to hundreds of restaurants, stores and activities. Or it’s a $6 taxi ride to almost anywhere in the city.

The weather is a perfect 78 degrees most every day of the year. It’s an active community. Many streets are closed for 5 hours on Sunday mornings for running and biking during the “cyclovia.”

Colombia has a bad rap from its past. But that is not Colombia now. This is the ultimate transformation story. From the most dangerous country to the most hip and modern. It’s as safe as New York, LA and London. It’s as safe as, and has as many tourists as Costa Rica. And it is just as biodiverse with volcanos, rain forests, beaches and the Andes mountains.

I was nervous my first few days because I believed the BS I read online from the fear mongering govts, the press and Club Med type tourists. I walked around in warrior mode for week. Until I discovered how wonderful and safe it is and how friendly, honest, happy, intelligent, and helpful the Colombians are.

I’ve built an amazing community of digital expats and Colombians. I’m not fluent in Spanish yet but it is getting better and better. Soon I will be fluent. And that will be another lifetime goal I can say I can accomplish.

There are more things to do here than I can keep up with and now I can do things that are only in Spanish. I’ve been told by several Colombian friends that I am now a “Paisa” (nick name for Colombians living in the Medellín area) because I have adopted the city as my home and learn their slang and sayings. That’s a pretty big deal here to be considered a Paisa. I am honored.

I’m proud to say I’ve only done 1 touristy thing. That’s where this photo was taken. At Guatapé.

Medellín Colombia is my favorite city of anywhere I’ve been. Its a city I am blessed and honored to call home.

People ask how long I will live here. I love the city, country and people so much, that I think I will be here for a long time. I can’t say forever because my nature is to explore the world, but it is likely that I will always have a home here. 

To following the voice that calls you to an adventure.

… Croix

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675 steps to get here.
View from Piedra de Peñol.
Guatape Colombia.

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