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Its Up To You

Nobody will ever tell you what you CAN do.
They will tell you what you CANT do.

If you want to achieve something amazing, never listen to those who say you can’t.

Listen to that voice in your heart that say “it’s possible.”

Warren Buffet says, “You don’t have to be the smartest. But you have to be the most consistent.”

Be consistent it pursuing your goals.
Be consistent in say no to distractions.
Be consistent in taking purposeful action.

If you want it to happen
You have to make it happen.

If you want it to happen
You have to get focused and stay focused.

If it is going to happen
It will be the result of your daily action.

It’s up to you.

About the Author Croix Sather

Life Transformation and Peak Performance Expert, author, professional speaker, and global traveler. Croix is the Author of Dream Big Act Big, Dream Big Life Planner, Morning Manifestation, and the host of the Zen Warrior Podcast. He travels full time living the speaker and laptop lifestyle living part time in Costa Rica and wherever he feels like experiencing.

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