It’s called Self-Help for a Reason

Are you passionate about what you are doing?
If not, why are you doing it?
Why keep doing something that doesn’t bring you joy?
It won’t give you extra credit in heaven.
It won’t help you live longer.
In fact, if most like will shorten your life.
So why endure a bad situation?
Why continue to suffer?
Aren’t you worth more?
Aren’t you worth living an extraordinary life?
If you truly felt you were worth it, you’d change or start that change. You’d put your foot down and say, enough is enough. That’s it, today I will change my life. I will do whatever it takes.
So then, where do you start?
Start with yourself.
Change always starts from within first.
Changing your circumstances always starts between with your mindset. You cannot solve your current problems with the thinking that got you into the mess.
How do you do that?
Self-education & self-reflection.
Its called self-help for a reason. You’ve got to stand up for yourself first. You must take control of your situation. You must take responsibility for your results or lack of results.
Self-help doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. If you are reading books, you are getting help from that expert. If you are going to a seminar, you are learning from that person’s experience. Getting help helps you get there fast than if you did it on your own.
If you are ready for a change and you are tired of trying to do it on your own, watch this video




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