It is cliché to ask, “What will you be remembered for?” And yet, that phrase has a great truth. Today we are reminded that life will end too soon for many people. Even some of the greatest visionaries our history has known. Raving fans from around the world have a heavy heart with the news of Steve Jobs of Apple computer passing at the very young age of 56.

I wasn’t going to write blog posts any more. They take a lot of time and the return on your investment of time and energy is minimal (for most people any way).  And yet, I feel compelled to write because today we are reminded how short life can be and that death has no boundaries.

Steve Jobs was the definition of leading a LEGENDARY LIFE. He pioneered the tech industry for decades. His leadership and visions have forever shaped technology. He was not afraid to take risks or knock out inferior competition. In doing so he set a standard for how companies are run and how innovation and design should lead the way.

There are two aspects of Steve’s life that I admire most. First is his ability to take a complex concept and make it tangible. Like no other, he could relate the complicated to everyone. My favorite example is for the iPod, “1,000 songs that fit in your pocket.” Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. He didn’t talk about ram, memory, processing or any other techno-jargon. He related technology to every day life in a way that your grandmother could understand.

The other aspect of his life that impressed me was his desire to help humanity. Steve’s life was so more than creating the best computer in the world. It was about caring, helping, and showing others how to live by leading by example. His famous commencement speech will be listened to and shape the thoughts of millions for many generations. Steve taught us that “education” and success can occur outside of the hallowed walls of an Ivy league university.

Steve led his life with a resolve to live up to his potential. To expect more out of himself and his teams that anyone else thought was possible. And that is how he created a life and shaped the world that will never be forgotten.

How are you leading your life?
What do you do each day?

Does it raise you up and bring you to greater and greater heights and successes?
Or does it keep you in the status quo?

How will you be remembered?

Thank you Steve Jobs for showing us what is possible and for showing us that it will never be like 1984. And thank you for saving us from the frustration of working with one of those other devices that only vaguely resemble a computer.

Steve Jobs famous commencement speech

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