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Inspirational Speaker

There are those who teach.
There are those who live it. 
And there is Croix ... 
He LIVES what he teaches, teaches by example,
and is a master storyteller and teacher of those concepts. 

​Why Choose Croix as Your Inspirational Keynote Speaker

From the moment Croix steps on the stage he will captivate your audience. He starts strong and keeps your audience on the edge of their seats with his stories of his Run Across America and his World Record "Badwater Solo" Run through Death Valley when he crushed the previous record by almost 5 hours. 

What Croix has done is certainly impressive, but more impressive is how he has master the art of story telling to connect with your audience and inspire them in a way that creates lasting change. There is story telling and there is story telling that creates change because it reprograms your mind for success. 

You can have a great keynote speaker presentation, or you can have a great keynote speaker presentation that will inspire your team and one that will increase their performance, productivity endurance, and discipline. Croix weaves in mindset and performance strategies that improve your teams performance organically into the stories and presentation. 

At the end, the line is out the door because everyone wants to get a book signed by Croix after hearing his inspirational keynote presentation. ​

Closing Inspirational keynote speech the Golden Nugget, Vegas
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Topics & Keynote Speech Summary

Croix will mesmerize your audience because he only speaks on the topics he is best in the world at and is a proven presentation. Unlike other speakers who will speak on any topic to make a buck.


  • Bulletproof Mind​ 
    Crush it no matter the odds or the obstacles
  • High Performance Productivity
    Direction Then Speed = Super Productivity
  • Dream Big Life 
      How Entrepreneurs Succeed Big
  • Social Media and Business
    How to use business to create raving fans. 

Croix's talks are all based on his experience going from a non-runner to a world record running champion. Make no mistake, his speeches are not about running, they are about high performance mindset and getting champion results. He then weaves in your needs and ties it in to your theme or challenges so that the message is driven home for success when you go "back to business." But business will never be the same after Croix helps your team transform into high performers.  


From Croix:

Having a great speaker is important, but not at the expense of your sanity. Many speakers can be high maintenance and difficult to work with, or even get on the phone. As a conference/seminar leader myself, I understand how many moving parts there are to making an event happen and how overwhelming that can be. When you work with me, I make it super simple for you so you don't have to worry. I even show up at least one day before to assure your peace of mind and avoid and travel snafus. 

When you book me as your keynote speaker, I guarantee that I will be there the night before. We can meet and walk through the agenda and iron out any needs or expectations. Plus you will have everything that need immediately when we confirm your date. You get a full speaker prep package that includes everything you need for your event. My photos, bio, videos and links for any of your promos, audience introduction options, my simple AV needs, my direct contact information, and even a free gift for your audience to send them before the event to get them primed and ready for an amazing day.

Even the travel plans are made easy. I book my own airfare so you don't have to. I do this to make it easier on you and because I travel nearly full time, so its much simpler if I handle to details of where I will be flying from immediately before your event. 

Some of Croix's Trusted and Happy Clients

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In addition to everything else, I will also include a professional promo video specifically designed for your event. I will mention the event name, give your guests reasons for them to attend and give them a little tease about my keynote speech to inspire them before they even arrive. ​

Example: Promo Video Created for World Gym Annual Conference

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