If you are waiting for a sign, this is it! - If you are waiting for a sign, this is it!

If you are waiting for a sign, this is it!

In a bizarre movie-like moment, the digital billboard sign in the airport was flickering as if it was supposed to change images, but it didn’t change. The same quote kept reappearing after a momentary digital flash. 

The sign kept flashing, “But in short space, it rain’d down fortune showering on your head.” – William Shakespeare.

The digital screen did not have any products or any marketing of any kind. It was only a bland blue background with the immortal words of Shakespeare. 

I was waiting to catch a flight at 4am in Newark, NJ as I kept staring at it, not totally sure if other people were seeing the same thing I was looking at. But everyone seemed to be too busy to even notice or care. 

Are you like me in this way? Do you look for signs that you are on the right path? I believe that if you are paying attention, you will regularly see affirmations that you are in the right place and at the right time. 

At that time, I was struggling with a dream that only I could see. It felt as if I was hustling but I wasn’t making any progress. I felt like a mouse on a treadmill. Running like crazy but not going anywhere. It was intensely frustrating. 

Signs from the universe are there to remind you to not give up. Signs are there to remind you that everything will be alright. Signs are there so that you keep your faith in a dream that only you can see. 

You may not be seeing any of the rewards of your efforts and struggles for months, years or even decades. But the day will come when your fortune will rain down on you like a great storm.

Your Dream will become a reality and you will be rewarded for your efforts and dedication to a dream. You will be rewarded for the work you did before the sun came up, and long after the sun went down. 

Wealth will rain down on you in a way that will make you wonder, “Where were you all these years?” 

The reality is that your wealth and rewards were always there waiting for you … patiently … quietly cheering you on and whispering in your ear … “You got this.” It was waiting for you to earn the wisdom to make it possible, and all the pieces to fall into place. For you to be worthy through your belief, efforts, and commitment of staying the course. 

You see, fortune is only attracted to those who are faithful and congruent to their dreams. 

Don’t be fooled by the word fortune. It’s not just about money or success. It can also show up as happiness, love, fulfillment, inner peace or many other avenues of wealth. 

But also, let there be no doubt, if it is financial wealth you are after, that will also rain down on you when you are faithful to that reality. 

Let the rain begin.

Let it storm on you … a life of amazing success, fortune, happiness, love and peace.

… Croix

In case you’re curious, 

Shakespeare’s quote continues, “But in short space, it rain’d down fortune showering on your head. And such a flood of greatness fell on you.” From the play, Henry IV, Part 1. Circa 1597  


Shortly after being mesmerized by the words of Shakespere on the airport sign, is when everything started to fall into place and the dream that I had been working on for so many years but seemed to be just out of reach … well, fortune started to rain down on me. So yeah, I believe in signs. Even broken blue flickering ones in airports. 😉

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