I want to brainwash you. I want to mess with your head, mess you up so that you are never the same again. If you hang out with me, it will happen.
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I'm Going to Brainwash you.I’m going to mess you up so that you stop believing the bullshit others have told you. I am going to rattle your mind so you stop believing the crap you tell yourself. I am going to scramble your brain so that all the jerks that have hurt you stop having power over you.

Before I can positive brainwash you, I have to UN-brainwash you. First is get the negative, defeating and self-sabotaging programs to stop their broken record replay in your head.

Next is to get you believe it’s possible. You don’t have to believe that you can … yet, just to believe that it is possible.

Then I am going to get inside your head and do some magic. I am going to show you how to start believing in yourself like your never known before.  We will install new programs that will continuously build over time giving you more and more confidence and self-belief.

And last, I am going to rock your world by giving you the tools your need for self-motivation, self-worth, focus and make you a badass action taker.

Does this sound crazy? It is. But what is crazier is trying, hoping, and wishing to get different results by doing the same thing you have been doing for decades. How’s that been working for you?

Are you ready for a change?
Do you believe it’s possible?

Then you must start from within.
Start with your mindset, and your mental and emotional programs.

That will change your habits.
And of course, that will change you results.

How do you start to get positive brainwashed?
Come hang out with me. Start with my book – Dream Big Act Big, or come out to a live event or mastermind, or bring me in as your inspirational keynote speaker and I will brainwash your whole team.
Looking forward to meeting you in person.

About the Author Croix Sather

Life Transformation and Peak Performance Expert, author, professional speaker, and global traveler. Croix is the Author of Dream Big Act Big, Dream Big Life Planner, Morning Manifestation, and the host of the Zen Warrior Podcast. He travels full time living the speaker and laptop lifestyle living part time in Costa Rica and wherever he feels like experiencing.

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