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Why Following Your Passion is Never Wrong

For 6 years I was a Firefighter and EMT. I was volunteer but had the training of a professional and sometimes went on as many calls. Especially for medical calls.

The training and experience taught me how to be calm in chaos. Purposeful in crisis. And to be prepare for the worst. And that training became critical in three events in my life. (continues below photo)

Croix Sather firefighter imageI’ve saved my life once at the top of Mt. Whitney while breaking the world record running through Death Valley when I started going into hypoglycemic shock. And I saved my daughter’s life twice. Once for chocking on a plastic Easter egg and once for an emergency medical issue.

When I was a boy. I thought I’d be a police officer or professional firefighter. But in my time as a volunteer I discovered that wasn’t the direction for my life and I went on a different journey. Some of my best lessons of life I learned in those 6 years as a volunteer firefighter  and EMT. Some of those things I learned I use most every day. For examples, how to be a great leader and how to deal with difficult people. 

I followed my passion and while that was not my purpose in life, it helped me discover what my purpose is and it helped me be ready for my life’s purpose. If something calls to you, do it. Because if you are following what is calling you, it will never be a waste of tCroix Sather firefighter imageime. 

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