Dont Hope. Hoping Is Soft, Wishy Washy And Weak.

Choose to be or don't.

When you want something, go out and make it happen.
If you want to change, don’t hope for it. Just change.
There is no reason to over think it.
There is no reason to wait.

I hope one day to …
I hope to be like you one day …
I hope I can make it through the …

Decide to do something, or don’t.
Choose to be, or don’t

If you have one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock, when that boat leaves you will fall into the water. Stop being indecisive. Start being bold. Jump onto the boat. Go to the bow and look forward and never look back. You are not going there anyway, so what is the sense in watching where you just left.

Make the change now.
Do that thing now.
Be that person now.
Take action now.

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