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Does A Gratitude Journal Work?

Does A Gratitude Journal Work | Zen Warrior Podcast with Croix Sather

Does a Gratitude Journal Work? How Can It Bring you More Success?

In this episode #4:
Does a Gratitude Journal Work? How can it bring you more success? You’ve heard that to be more successful you need to be more grateful. Learn how to break through challenges with a gratitude writing exercise and how the same strategy will accelerate your success when life is going well with top Life Transformation Expert and World Record Athlete, Croix Sather.


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Does a Gratitude Journal work?
I am your host Croix Sather and this is episode #4

I was in Vegas giving a presentation for the International Kitchen Association. It was a meet and great the night before the event. I was being introduced to everyone as the keynote speaker. So I never had a chance to eat and it was late. So after the meeting, I went down on the Vegas Strip and found a fast food joint to eat. I was standing in line in my fancy stage suit when I felt the presence of a man behind me. I looked and he was a dirty disheveled homeless guy in his 50s. He was standing super close and so I assumed he was ask me for money. But he never did. I watched him out of the corner of my eye and I saw him looking at the menu then down at the change in his hands. He kept counting and recounting his money as if he was trying to figure out if he had enough to buy anything.

My turn to order was next, so I turned to him and asked, “Hey, How’s it going?” He said, “It’s a great day to be alive.” And we introduced ourselves. I replied, “Oh yeah, why is that Marvin?” He said in his strong southern accent and proper mannerisms the south is known for, “Well Mr. Croix, I have enough to get some fries. I am healthy and I have a safe place to sleep behind the building.”

I was blown away by this guy’s optimism and joy in life. So I asked him, “Would you mind if I buy you dinner? Anything you want. Order as much as you want.” “Really sir, you would do that for me? It would be my honor if you would do that for me.” I continued, “If you don’t mind Marvin, I’d also like to have dinner with you. Would you mind joining me and we will eat together?” “Oh yes sir Mr. Croix, I would like that very much.”

After he order enough food to feed 4 people, we went over to the stand up tables and I got to know Marvin. He was from New Orleans, but he couldn’t find work there, so he came here a few years ago to try to make a better life for himself. He had been homeless for 11 months and was still looking for a job.

We started to talk about the purpose and meaning of life. When I talk with people I want to go deep and find out what makes the tick. And so I asked him, “Marvin, can I be frank with you?” “Of course Mr. Croix.” “You’re in a difficult place, no money, no place to live, and no work. How are you so freaking happy? I want to know your secret.”

His face lit up and he chuckled, “Well, Mr. Croix, I have belly full of food and I still have my $2 in my pocket, I think tonight turned out alright. But also, Mr Croix, just last week, a young man who had it good went up to the top of the stratosphere, he climbed over the fence at the top and he jumped. That’s a 1,000 foot drop Mr. Croix. He didn’t have a chance. And he knew that before he jumped. What would drive a man to do that? I read in the newspaper the he was a man that had a job, a home, and a girl. He had a good life, but he chose to end it all. I don’t get it. I’ve got less than $2 in my pocket and I sleep on a piece of cardboard under a tree. But I couldn’t be happier because I have one more day on this planet and that means one more day to do a little better. One more day to meet someone new like you. One more day help another man.”

I was blown away and mesmerized by the way he sees the world. Marvin continued, “You know Mr. Croix, we were given this life to make the best we can out of ourselves. For me, I don’t have much and I never did, probably never will. But this I know, I can give things that money can’t buy. I can give a genuine smile, I help someone out, I can pick up the garbage as I walk down the street because it is the right thing to do. I can stop traffic to help a mom and her kids cross the street safely. These things matter as much as anything in life, and it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You have to be grateful for everything in you life. The big and the small.”

Marvin left with a smile and a full belly. And he changed this motivational speaker’s life. It is one of the most endearing and impactful spontaneous meetings in my entire life.

What does this have to do with a gratitude journal. Well, since that meeting, I have included gratitude into my life in a much bigger. Every day I am grateful for the big and the little things in life. I will stop and watch a butterfly as it goes buy because I am grateful that kind of beauty flew buy me. So now every day, I jot down 5 things I am grateful for in my Dream Big Life Planner.

And when I am going through one of life’s storms, I will write all the things I am grateful for about that situation. As an example, I just went through a terrible pain in life. It feels like the pain of losing a loved one. So I sat down this morning and I wrote everything I was grateful for about the situation. The good and even what I am grateful for in the challenge. I may share that with you one day, but right now, I am still processing those emotions.

I wrote in my journal for 45 minutes and breaking down a couple of times in the middle of it. But in the end, I felt the pressure and the pain releasing. It still hurt but it was much less. I went from non functioning to being productive. And now I am creating this podcast for you. I would not have been able to do that if I didn’t stop to do some gratitude writing.

If you haven’t tried doing an gratitude exercise, start right now. Grab some paper and write down at least 5 things you are grateful. Do this every day. The trick is to be grateful for different things each day. In other words, you writing down, you kids, spouse, job and house every day. Any time you do repeat a gratitude for someone, it has to be on something different about that person. And the deeper you go the more you will get out of it.

When you go through your day, look for things to be grateful for in a profound way. As an example, I am grateful for the my laptop because I get to write and record this podcast and read your reviews on iTunes. I am grateful every time I see a smile on someone’s face.

Here is another one. I am grateful for the challenge I am going through because it broke me open and taught me things I never would have learned when life is going well. And for that I will grow as a man, in my relationship, as a dad and I will grow in business from it.

Gratitude is the fastest way to go through life’s challenges. It is also the best way to keep excelling and improving your life. Give it a shot.
If you would like to use my Dream Big Life Planner for your gratitude writings and if you want to learn how to struggling with your time and master you day so that you get more done, please visit

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