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Successful people use life and business consultants because they are committed to mastery. They are serious about achieving at a high level. Highly successful people understand that a one-on-one business consultant will give them clarity and keep them focused on what matters most so they continuously find life purpose and succeed above and beyond the rest. What does this mean? Results and fulfillment you want.

  • Clarify what is most important important
  • Clarify how to get there
  • Build an ACTION PLAN that gets RESULTS
  • Success through Accountability
  • Get Past Blocks and Obstacles
  • Avoid Pitfalls
  • Increase SPEED to SUCCESS
  • Keep Forward Momentum
  • Save Time, Money & Frustration
  • Get the Results that have been evading you.

When you follow the CHAMPION COACHING PLAN and you work one-on-one with Croix to reprogram your mind for success, you get extraordinary results. Just as important you increase the quality of your life because you minimize the struggle and maximize the results.

You also benefit from more happiness, lower stress, more income, better relationships and you do it all by being your authentic congruent self with a plan that builds from your strengths and turns your disadvantages into powerful allies.

Faster, easier, better, consistent, and lasting success. These are just a few of the effects of a business consulting program with Croix.​



Croix is the only life and business consultant that has actually achieved amazing results in his own life. In other words, he doesn't just teach from theories and education, he lives it with world record results in his own life. Croix developed his individual development plan and then took that Champion Formula™ out into the real world to test it against the most unlikely activity he could succeed in. In just two years he went from a non-runner to a run across America and then breaking the Badwater SSC Ultramarathon World Record. Croix has developed an extraordinary program to get you amazing results in your business and life based on his world class success.

​Under Croix’s direct life and business consulting, you will use this same Champion Formula™ to achieve amazing results and find your life purpose. You may not want to run across America, but you can be certain that you will achieve mind boggling amazing outcomes in what ever you choose.

​There are lots of people out there that call themselves business consultants, life coaches, or some other self-proclaimed designation. Ask them what they have personally accomplished and they will go silent. Don't lose time and money with someone who does not have an incredible track record and a proven program. Invest your time and money wisely in a system that will get you results.

​Consulting by Croix actually produces amazing results over and over in his life and his clients.

That real world experience brings lessons and perspective that cannot be replicated in any other way.

Why Croix’s Consulting WorksIt is a program to give you clarity, design a congruent plan, and build on successes. Croix’s results driven formula is so successful for you because it first determines your style and patterns. Then we apply Croix’s Champion Formula™ in alignment to your authentic congruent self so it builds from your strengths and turns your disadvantages into powerful allies​


The fastest and best way to get the results you want, build your profitable and lasting business, and to create your life by design is with Champion Formula consulting. Business Consulting programs are for those who want the personal guidance to shortcut to your finish line. Champion Formula business consulting programs give you clarity, define a clear purpose, determine the best actions tasks for maximum results, and accountability for consistent results to get you results fast.

Champion Formula Business or Personal Performance Consulting starts at $995. Contact us today for a free strategy session so that we can determine how Champion Business Consulting will help you. Contact us by clicking on the button below.​

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