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Dream Big Act Big

Orig $20.00 Sale $12.95 Buy Now Dream Big, Act Big! 100 marathons and 100 seminars, in 100 days. Life should be more than the boring old 9-5; find out how to embrace your own epic journey with this self improvement book today! Croix Sather ran 100 marathons and held 100 seminars in exactly 100 days, […]

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BetterBody BetterLife

Orig $56.47 Save 10% $49.99 Buy Now The Western world’s health crisis is absolutely out of control. Diet-related illnesses are on the rise with no end in sight, and consistent exercise routines are a rarity. It’s time for a lifestyle revolution, and Better Body Better Life is your key to making an incredible turnaround! By […]

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Business Consulting

Contact Croix Croix is the only life transformation and business consultant who has actually achieved amazing results in his own life. He did this to walk-the-walk and set the ultimate example of what’s possible. Croix developed his success formula and then took that Champion Formula™ out into the real world to test it against the […]

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