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Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Road Less Traveled

Everyone’s path is different. Don’t be afraid to take the path that is right for you. This may mean you have go it alone for a while, but go anyway. Live in your greatness and you will find the people who are suppose to be in your life. Your family, your friends and even society […]

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It’s Not Over Until I Win!

“It’s not over until I win!” Sometimes it may seem like your dream is not possible. Like it is too far away and you will never get there. When you feel that remember that every legendary success was once a beginner. That person knew nothing and did not know how it would be accomplished but […]

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Succeed Big or Fail Greatly

The Winner is … In sports, there is one winner. But life isn’t a 90 minute game. If you set a goal to earn $500k this year, but you only made $400k. Did you loose? If you set a goal to loose 50 pounds this year, but you only lost 45. Are you a failure? […]

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Do Something. Or Get Left Behind.

Today’s run sucked. Not even 2 slogging miles. Absolute garbage. But this isn’t about running. [Article continues below photo] I woke up and I just wasn’t into it. Just didn’t want to put any miles in. But I did something. Anything is better than nothing. Then I started to run and it got worse. Then […]

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You Don’t Know Jack … Jack Canfield

You don’t know JACK! And my favorite story. Über success doesn’t happen over night. And it doesn’t come without taking control of your destiny. Yesterday I had the honor of sharing the stage with Jack Canfield. The last night, me, Laura, Peter, Cecille and JACK CANFIELD had drinks together. We talked for 3 straight hours. The conversation […]

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