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I had to stop my car for this. I was in awe

I suddenly stopped on the road. I was amazed at what I saw coming over the crest of the hill. The sun, the autumn leaves, and the glow of warm setting sun. 🌞 Many people would complain about the sun in their eyes. I stopped in fascination of the picturesque scene that would only last […]

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Blending your inner wisdom

A beautiful view. My own blend of chai tea. And a journal. Sometimes we need a break to get clarity.  Slow down to let your mind and soul feel alive. Breathe the air. Ponder life’s next purpose. Blend with your inner wisdom. Your prescription for today: Give yourself a few minutes of inner wisdom time. […]

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Feed your dream

Feed the dream. Not the fear. Feed the belief Not the doubt. … Croix  PS, That’s it today. A simple truth we all need a reminder of now and then.  … Croix

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Every success starts with a first time

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels? This is a photo of me right before I went on my first solo run. I pushed off the curb and crashed into the bushes and then fell over my handlebars into the bushes in spectacular fashion. My dad picked me up. […]

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One day something changed, he realized …

I met a man today. He grew up in the hood and has been in and out of prison all his life. He has had drug problems since he was a young teen. He had been trying to find his way but failure after failure plagued him. But one day something changed. He realized that […]

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