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Your LIFE has Been Robbed!

Call the police. Call the FBI. Your LIFE has been robbed! Has your life been robbed of your dreams, your goals, and the purpose you have been designed for?   For many people it has.  Many people have settled and are living a life of existence instead of design.  They end up in a job they […]

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Amazing Tuba Kid at TED

Check out this young guy Matthew White playing the tuba in a very different way at the TED conference.  “TED is a small non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.   It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader.” To […]

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Croix Sather's article on When Should I Unfriend a Facebook Friend.

When Should I UNFRIEND a Facebook Friend?

What the F@#K! Almost every day you see posts from a Facebook friend that has vulgar and unnecessary language (using the actual words), the jokes are mean, and in bad taste.   Should you “unfriend” this buddy or just hide the posts? Would you invite someone to your home for dinner that curses … a lot? What […]

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How to Stay Positive in a negative world

It isn’t easy staying positive and upbeat. It really isn’t … not at first anyway.  The great news: once you learn how to be positive it becomes a snowball effect and you become more positive and powerful. We live in a world where negativity is becoming the norm.  The media consistently highlights the gloom, doom […]

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5 KEY BUSINESS SUCCESS TIPS FOR STARTUPS & ENTREPRENUERS. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or have been at it for a very long time, before you make any business decisions, follow these five steps to make sure you’re prepared for the challenges that come your way. – by Croix Sather.

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