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Life is about the DREAM. The hope of what’s possible. Today is the opportunity to do better and be better.  So that tomorrow can be better than today. It doesn’t matter where you are. It only matters where you are going. Start where you are. With what you have. Do what you can. And what […]

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Why Spring comes after Winter

I love spring because it always comes after winter. It’s funny how that works every year without fail.  I am not a fan of winter. It’s dark, it’s cold and it seems to last forever. But after a long winter, things change when all of a sudden everything starts to turn green and blooms in […]

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Why there are 50 Words for Snow

Do you know why there are 50 words for snow? This is a story about how words shape your world.  “Soy Paisa” means “I am a Paisa.” Paisa is a word used to describe the people from the Medellin and central region of Colombia in South America. The word has great pride and honor like […]

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BUTTERFLY – Life is Short

Life is short.  Too short for some. 😢 The butterfly effect is the idea that when a butterfly flaps its wings it will move the air molecules and that will move other molecules and that can eventually create a storm thousands of miles away. 🦋 Those who left this world too soon are still with […]

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The universe never rewards

It was 3am when we loaded up the “chiva” for the six hour journey. Chiva means goat in Spanish. A “chiva” is the name of a special truck they use in Colombia, South America. They are very old trucks with bright colors, lots of disco lights, and they are used for everything. And I mean […]

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