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Behind the phrase, “We become what we think.”

It seems cliche to say that we attract what we think about. But this is a law that works whether you realize it or not. Whether you believe it or not. It’s a law that never fails.  Buddha said, “We become what we think.”  Many will say that it’s not true because they wished for […]

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When life is hard, do this.

When life is beating you up, remember this. Every season of life is temporary.  The good is temporary, so savor the moments and receive it fully.  The bad is temporary, so find the lesson and the purpose to be ready for better days.  Many people feel they are have little influence on the storms that […]

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Why you should quit

You should QUIT. Quit the time wasting. Quit the soul sucking job. Quit the people who bring you down. But NEVER quit on YOUR DREAMS. Be a DREAMER.  Dreaming is never a waste of time.  Dreams are your future reality.  When you dream, you plant the seeds of what is to come.  Be a DO-er. […]

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If you want things to change…

We buy new cars, homes and clothes searching for happiness. We seek out romantic relationships to feel complete. We watch tv and social media to escape our reality. But only few do what will actually make a difference. To change and upgrade our thoughts. Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits create our lives. If […]

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One thing is for certain…

If you are willing to take a chance to create an epic life,  it will always be an incredible adventure. It won’t always be easy. It won’t always go the way you want or expect. But looking back you will know, your life has been one amazing ride. And that’s the meaning of life … […]

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