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You must have faith before it appears in your life

When my dad brought home hedge trimmers my mom thought he was crazy. “Why did you buy those? We live in an apartment and don’t need them.” My dad responded, “It’s for the house we will buy one day. I will need them to trim the bushes that will be in the front yard. At […]

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The Universe Is Conspiring With You To Succeed

The signs are there. The universe is conspiring to help you succeed. But the universe can’t help you if you don’t help yourself by taking action and staying focused on your goals and dreams. Every time you lose focus or change direction, you are falling back to square one. How many times have you lost […]

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This shocked me, but it changed my life

When I received the scuba magazine I looked through it with excitement. I knew that there was an article about my research group on our whale shark scientific expedition. I recognized everyone in the photos but one person. He was chunky with love handles as he stood shirtless in the photo. Then I recognized the […]

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For Things To Change, You Must Change

The first time I got a big building contract I had to go to their NYC Central Park West penthouse to get the contracts signed and to get my check for over $100,000. This is when I was a carpenter renovating homes. This was my biggest job up until that point. But I was young, […]

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Success is getting up one more time

I grew up in the carpentry field. My playground was the job sites. My jungle gym was the wood framed houses where I would climb to the roof rafters so I could be on top of the world. After many years as a successful home builder, I realized that swinging a hammer was not my […]

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