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Failing greatly is better than failing by default because you didn’t try

The Winner is …In sports, there is one winner.But life isn’t a 90 minute game. If you set a goal to earn $150k this year, but you only made $130k. Did you lose?If you set a goal to lose 50 pounds this year, but you only lost 45. Are you a failure? When you set […]

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The “SECRET” to success and everything else you want

The secret is right in front of you. Starring you right in the face but most people miss it, ignore it, or are unaware of it. That’s why most people are average.  The secret to success isn’t really a secret. But the magic of success is your ability to align yourself with your dreams and […]

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Why success does not take sacrifice

Many ask me, was it hard to run a marathon a day as you ran across America? Most would say you have to “sacrifice” or “suffer.”I disagree. You have to make a choice. Make a choice to be great.Make a choice to be different and to achieve what most would never achieve.Make a choice to […]

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Why you should listen to your intuition

On a street corner in Medellín, Colombia, a healthy clean cut man about 30 years old with a 4 year old boy approached me and asked for money. Initially I ignored him because there are many beggars there.  But then my intuition told me to learn more. So I asked my Colombian friend what he […]

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What is the one purpose in life?

There is but one purpose in life. Just one. Some ask what is the secret to life. But it is not a secret at all. If it is a secret, It is hidden in plain sight for all to see. Yet, few ever discover it. Because life gets in the way. We find ourselves on […]

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