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Live Life As If It Is Rigged In Your Favor

Live Life As If It Is Rigged In Your Favor In this episode: Do you wish that life seemed as if it was rigged in your favor? Well, it can be. Learn how Croix decided to go from an ordinary life of a carpenter to a world champion runner and how you can apply some […]

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Break Through Fear To Crush It. Debut Podcast

How To Break Through Fear And Crush It In Life And Work. In this episode: Your mind plays tricks on you. It keeps you from success. You may want to achieve certain things, but your mind prevents you from accomplishing them. Learn how to stop your mind from stopping you from the success that you […]

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Succeed Big or Fail Greatly

The Winner is … In sports, there is one winner. But life isn’t a 90 minute game. If you set a goal to earn $500k this year, but you only made $400k. Did you loose? If you set a goal to loose 50 pounds this year, but you only lost 45. Are you a failure? […]

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I want to brainwash you. I want to mess with your head, mess you up so that you are never the same again. If you hang out with me, it will happen. [continue reading below image] I’m going to mess you up so that you stop believing the bullshit others have told you. I am […]

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Do Something. Or Get Left Behind.

Today’s run sucked. Not even 2 slogging miles. Absolute garbage. But this isn’t about running. [Article continues below photo] I woke up and I just wasn’t into it. Just didn’t want to put any miles in. But I did something. Anything is better than nothing. Then I started to run and it got worse. Then […]

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