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Success is getting up one more time

I grew up in the carpentry field. My playground was the job sites. My jungle gym was the wood framed houses where I would climb to the roof rafters so I could be on top of the world. After many years as a successful home builder, I realized that swinging a hammer was not my […]

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Why Following Your Passion is Never Wrong

For 6 years I was a Firefighter and EMT. I was volunteer but had the training of a professional and sometimes went on as many calls. Especially for medical calls. The training and experience taught me how to be calm in chaos. Purposeful in crisis. And to be prepare for the worst. And that training […]

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Its Up To You

Nobody will ever tell you what you CAN do. They will tell you what you CANT do. If you want to achieve something amazing, never listen to those who say you can’t. Listen to that voice in your heart that say “it’s possible.” Warren Buffet says, “You don’t have to be the smartest. But you […]

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How I found my passion and purpose

This is one of my favorite photos in the world. Rem was just 3 years old. This was the first time I saw him in 3.5 months. When I was running across America, it was very hard to be away from them for so long, but I also know without a doubt that by following […]

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Accept This or Create a Life That Can Be

Our future can be seen in the eyes of children. The hopes, the dreams, and the possibilities are endless. Somewhere along the way most people loose that sparkle and belief of … “I can BE anything.  I can DO anything.” Then the unimaginable happens.  You wake up 30 years later and you wonder, “How did […]

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