Behind the phrase, “We become what we think.”

Behind the phrase, “We become what we think.”

It seems cliche to say that we attract what we think about. But this is a law that works whether you realize it or not. Whether you believe it or not. It’s a law that never fails. 

Buddha said, “We become what we think.” 

Many will say that it’s not true because they wished for something once and it didn’t happen. But that is like eating one salad and expecting to be healthy for the rest of your life. If you eat fatty food all the time then you are going to “attract” or become fat. 

If you have mostly negative thoughts, then you are going to attract negative things. Even if you try to be positive for a day or a week, you may not immediately attract the things you want because the universe doesn’t believe you … not yet. 

There is a part to what Buddha said that is missing in the quote because we like sound bite. The other part to the law that we become what we think about, is that we become what we think AND FEEL. 

Thinking is one part of a magical recipe. The other ingredient is emotion because what feel puts what you think into a vibration that the universe can easily detect. So thinking alone will not bring you what you want. 

Belief is a feeling that transcends the thoughts and affirmations. Feel is what gives things power and energy. Add in purposeful action in alignment with what you want, and anything becomes possible. 

It works like this. Something bad happens to you, like a fender bender. “You get out and look at your car and immediately blurt out, “Crap, why does this always happen to me?” 

What just happened? You gave the universe a direct command with intense emotion to make bad things happen to you. Immediately after something bad happened to you, you said that it ALWAYS happens to you. So the universe is going to bring more accidents, problems, and misfortune because that is what you feel and believe. 

If instead you got out of your and immediately thought with gratitude that nobody was hurt and how amazing it is that it wasn’t worse, and you actually felt that and meant it, then the universe is going to reward you more blessings. 

Yes, something like an accident, death of a loved one, loss of a job, or any other intense experience is difficult to be grateful, but how you respond after the initial moments is up to you. You get to choose how fell about it after and you get to choose how you retell the story to your friends. You can transcend the experience and choose an empowering interpretation of the event. 

For life to get better, we must get better. That is a matter of choice in your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Align yourself with the things you want, instead of responding to what happens and your life will dramatically improve in amazing ways. 

To your amazing transcendence, 

… Croix


Like learning any new skill, practice and consistency creates the most dramatic improvements. And anyone can master it. 

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