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Say YES to Life & Say YES To Your Dreams

Say YES to Life and Say YES to Your Dreams! In this episode #5: Say yes to life. Say yes to your dreams and goals. So yes to creating an extraordinary life of magic moments and memories. Say yes to YOU! With top Life Transformation Expert and World Record Athlete, Croix Sather.   LISTEN & […]

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It’s Not Over Until I Win!

“It’s not over until I win!” Sometimes it may seem like your dream is not possible. Like it is too far away and you will never get there. When you feel that remember that every legendary success was once a beginner. That person knew nothing and did not know how it would be accomplished but […]

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Does A Gratitude Journal Work?

Does a Gratitude Journal Work? How Can It Bring you More Success? In this episode #4: Does a Gratitude Journal Work? How can it bring you more success? You’ve heard that to be more successful you need to be more grateful. Learn how to break through challenges with a gratitude writing exercise and how the […]

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What A Homeless Guy Can Teach You About Success

Have you ever thought about giving up most all of your possessions including your home and travel the world? It’s a crazy thing to do. It’s frightening frankly. But that is exactly what I did for 6 months this year. It’s called the laptop lifestyle, nomadic lifestyle, purposely homeless, vagabonding and many other names. I […]

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Why Are Relationships So Challenging? With Dilara Tetik

Why Are Relationships So Challenging? with guest co-host Dilara Tetik In This Episode: Why Are Relationships So Challenging? Learn how to create an amazing relationship. In this episode: Croix Sather and guest host Dilara Tetik, Relationship Transformation Expert Coach discuss how to create an extraordinary relationships. And how to overcome the biggest challenges in your […]

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