Run Finish in New York City Run Finish in New York City

Run Finish in New York City

Croix is an author and inspirational speaker with extraordinary accomplishments. He is most well known for his 2011 RUN ACROSS AMERICA speaking tour. Starting in San Diego, he ran a marathon distance a day for 100 consecutive days until he finished in New York City. Each day he also presented a keynote speech to a wide variety of at-risk audiences such as: high schools, halfway houses, drug rehabilitation centers, juvenile correctional facilities, hospital, Ft. Dix, Ft. Bliss military bases, and Hope for the Warriors. Croix has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to create his life by design. At fourteen years old he was hit by a car head-on while riding his bicycle and was in a coma for four days. Life was then a cycle of self-sabotage until he learned the tools and strategies he teaches today. His lectures, seminars and coaching teach core indispensable success strategies at a visceral level.

About the Author Croix Sather

Life Transformation and Peak Performance Expert, author, professional speaker, and global traveler. Croix is the Author of Dream Big Act Big, Dream Big Life Planner, Morning Manifestation, and the host of the Zen Warrior Podcast. He travels full time living the speaker and laptop lifestyle living part time in Costa Rica and wherever he feels like experiencing.

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