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It’s called Self-Help for a Reason

Are you passionate about what you are doing? If not, why are you doing it?   Why keep doing something that doesn’t bring you joy? It won’t give you extra credit in heaven.   It won’t help you live longer. In fact, if most like will shorten your life.   So why endure a bad […]

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How a Nap Boosts Productivity

Napping is a necessary part of a successful, healthy and happy life. There are many reasons to nap, here are some of the highlights from science and my experience on how a nap boosts productivity. [more blow image] If you nap, you are in good company. Many successful people took power naps: Napping Celebrities Leonardo […]

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40 miles on my 40th birthday

A monumental birthday deserves a monumental accomplishment. [This is a repost from my 40th birthday blog post because I like the message and want to re-share it with you.] Why do most people hate monumental birthdays? It is because it is a reminder of what they haven’t done yet. I turned 40 years old today. […]

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