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Are you a REAL MAN?

The REAL MAN A man … I mean a Real Man … in all of his amazing glory. In all of his authenticity. In all of his masculinity. In all of his power and strength. This is the kind of man that a real woman wants, right? So what is that? And how do you […]

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You Are Here!

You’ve seen maps that show the “You are here” marked with an “X” or a red arrow. Now imagine the map is your life and the “X” is the location in this moment of your life. I have some questions for you. Is your life an adventure? Does your life inspire you? Does your life […]

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Why Would You Deprive the World of Your Gift?

Has anyone told you that you have a gift? Has anyone said, “You should share that with others” or “You should start your own business doing that”? We all have a gift. We are born with it. For some of us it is obvious from childhood. For other we spend our lives searching for it. […]

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