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Greatness is Not Forced

Adopt the Mindset of A Champion The More You Try, The More It’s Blocked You bump into someone at the supermarket and she starts to talk to you like you are old friends.  You know that you know her name, but at that moment your mind is blank.  You try hard to remember her name, […]

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You’re Fired

Become the Independent Individual You set Out to Be Manage Your Support System We have windows and doors with locks to keep people out of our home unless they are invited. You must do the same with your mind and emotions. Invite and surround yourself with friends and family who support you. Allow people to […]

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Vision Boards

Ignite Your Future D. Mark Wheeler created a fabulous vision board at a workshop taught by Angela Lussier, author of the Anti-Resume Revolution. In the workshop his vision board came to life with amazing photos, headlines, and text. It had a ton of emotional appeal to Dave and his vision board even inspired others, including […]

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