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What is Success?

What is success?   Success is an elusive target because we all have different definitions.  Is it wealth? Career? Recognition? Love? Health? Contribution? People fall short because they have never defined it so they do not have a clear target. Success is living up to your potential and living your life on your terms. It is […]

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Discover your mission in life. Find your purpose in life.

Are you looking to discover your mission in life?  Do you want to find your purpose in life? Do you sometimes have a nagging feeling that you’re just not doing what you were called to do? If you can relate, there is an unrest inside you because you know there is more to life than […]

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Is this the Rise and Fall of Charm in American Men? Croix Sather

Is this the Rise and Fall of Charm in American Men?

Have American men lost their ability to be charming? Have men lost the ability to make women feel special, wanted and needed? Is this the Rise and Fall of Charm in American Men? In relationship forums online, women often say that men don’t know how to treat them. That men are “all the same” or […]

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Achieving your goals day-in and day-out with 2x World Record Champion, Croix Sather


Does this happen to you too? Every time I get to hang out with a superstar, I feel like I need to up my game. I can’t help but to reflect on what I can be doing to get results like that person is getting. Recently, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Tonja […]

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