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I get the call exactly on time, “Are you ready Mr. Sather? … okay I’ll be right there.” Rosie showed up with her luggage cart with the most cheerful “good morning.” Even though the only words she said was good morning, what I heard was – today is an amazing day. You are an amazing person and I am happy to a part of your life and help you rock the world.

I was taken back and said, “Wow! That is a cheery good morning. Thank you.” I was also thinking, this lady is a bit crazy. Who is really this happy? As we talked walking out to the hotel lobby, her exuberance increased. It made me happy. It made me want to be just as ‘crazy’ as her. I told her how great it is to be met by someone who is so happy and how much I needed it. I said, “Today is …

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