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Run Across America & Death Valley World Record 

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Non-Runner to a Run Across America to a World Record Run Through Death Valley in 117°

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Motivation is great ... but it is external and it fades.
When your team is INSPIRED, they develop the internal drive to do better and be better. Inspiration is an internal shift that creates Self-Motivation.

Croix is a brilliant inspirational speaker and story teller that will capture the hearts and the minds of your team. The stories of his World Record Run through Death Valley will have everyone on the edge of their seat and will inspire your people to dig deep and cross the finish line. Croix's stories about his Run Across America will teach you how maximize your performance and to persist in the face of immense odds, endless determination and to lead by example. 

While Croix's accomplishments are über impressive, that is not what is most important. What's most important and impressive is the message of hope, faith, and finding your greatness to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Croix is a master of mindset technologies and a master teacher from the stage. He will show you how to become a high performance person. See Croix's TEDx talk here 

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Run Across America Croix Sather - California to NYC

From California to NYC running a marathon a day for 100 consecutive days. Watch Croix's TEDx talk about the run and the mindset to accomplish epic goals. 


Badwater Death Valley World Record - Croix Sather

146 miles solo unassisted run through Death Valley in August at 117 degrees, crushing the world record by almost 5 hours. Click to watch the TEDx talk about Croix's unassisted solo run through Death Valley. 


Croix Sather TEDx

Croix has been on the most prestigious stages in the world including TEDx New York City and TEDx Las Vegas. Click to Watch Croix's highlight video


High Performance is a practice, a process and a state of mind. Accelerate your everyday performance and achievement with simple strategies that allowed Croix to become one of the world's most elite runners in under 2 years. Individuals and teams that embrace a High Performance mindset lead the journey toward excellence and execution to bring your team to a level higher than ever before. 

Croix Sather - Inspirational Speaker
Iwona CzenBC, Canada

It was Beyond inspirational to hear Croix! Thank you for coming and sharing your outstanding story - I will always rememeber, "What one man can do, anyone can do." I think I will leave the running out of it.  - Iwona Czens, BC Canada 

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Most Popular Books By Croix Sather


Become Your Own Success Story

Dream Big Act Big book by Croix Sather

So you want an extraordinary life? 

Learn the strategies that took this non-runner to a world record champion in just 2 years. And how you can apply these simple upgrades to your life and achieve remarkable results in your life. 

Make no mistake this book isn't about running .... it's about accomplishing amazing goals. 


The Planner that Reprograms You for Success

At the end of the day do you feel and say, "What did I get done today that actually matters?"

Every day feels like you're falling further behind.​The Dream Big Life Planner was created to solve that big problem.

This is a solution that will work for professional, entrepreneur, creative minds who struggles to get the right things done.

Dream Big Life Planner by Croix Sather

Many have called it,
"The Best Planner Ever."

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