What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.

“What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.” [continue reading below image] When I went from a non-runner to a run across America in just one year, in part, it was to prove the idea that we have greatness inside of us that is beyond measure.   How did I go from non-runner to running a marathon a day every day for 100 days?   In the beginning of my training, I took a … Continue reading

Small Shifts Equals Huge Difference

It’s just a small shift. But that small shift can make a huge difference. If you changed just one small thing this month. You focused on it every day. Made it a habit. How would that effect your year? What if you focused on just one new small thing each month. 12 small shifts throughout the year. How would that effect your year? How would that effect your life? Need an example? January – Plan … Continue reading

It’s called Self-Help for a Reason

Are you passionate about what you are doing? If not, why are you doing it?   Why keep doing something that doesn’t bring you joy? It won’t give you extra credit in heaven.   It won’t help you live longer. In fact, if most like will shorten your life.   So why endure a bad situation? Why continue to suffer?   Aren’t you worth more? Aren’t you worth living an extraordinary life?   If you … Continue reading

Be the kind of person that makes others feel good about themselves

Like you, I am an avid reader and consumer of information. If I want or need to know something, I research it. Find out how to do it and then do it, leave it, or hire it out. Most often I devour personal development training because I firmly believe that the purpose of life is to master oneself. If you do that, then everything else will fall into place. The reason I originally started studying … Continue reading

The Benefits of Purging

PURGING TIME!I did a little clothes shopping. But my closet is already overflowing. But most of the clothes I don’t wear. I wear the same few choices all the time, the ones I love the most. Why do we have SO many clothes … that we don’t wear? So … I purged more than 50% of my clothes.  My CRITERIA FOR KEEPING CLOTHES: Must fit perfectly Must look great on me (not good, really great) Something I … Continue reading