What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.

“What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.” [continue reading below image] When I went from a non-runner to a run across America in just one year, in part, it was to prove the idea that we have greatness inside of us that is beyond measure.   How did I go from non-runner to running a marathon a day every day for 100 days?   In the beginning of my training, I took a … Continue reading

Inspirational Speaker – TEDx Talk – Croix Sather

The TED stage is one of the most prestigious stages in the world. TED means Technology, Entertainment and Design. The event host the best thought leaders, authors, inspirational speakers, experts, artists and inventors on the planet. I am honored that I was selected as one for those people in 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are now almost 600,000 views on my inspirational speech TEDx talk, “Do the Impossible.” I share the experience of my … Continue reading

This is EPIC!

This is just for my inner circle and regular readers. I am still keeping it hush hush for now so this is a preview for you because you dig what I am up to. “What’s inside of us is more important than what is in front of us!” – Croix Sather In the summer of 2016, I am taking on the biggest challenge of my life. Not just my life, but anybody’s life. I am … Continue reading


One year ago today, I took my first step from California starting a run across America to New York City. A journey that would be more difficult than I could ever imagine and more rewarding that anyone would ever believe. The journey was 100 marathons, 100 keynote speeches in the same 100 days. In other words, I ran 26.2 miles a day as well as give a speech from the west coast to the east coast. Continue reading


What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What is your BIG goal? I asked myself that a year ago. My answer? To run across America and give a keynote speech each day – Done! They said I couldn’t do it and I did! I am now asking myself that same question again. What is bigger than running across America? Keep reading … Continue reading