One of the biggest lessons I have learned

One of the biggest lessons I have learned. A man is at the gas pump filling his car and minding his own business. He was just recently released from prison. Another guy gets out of his car and they make eye contact. Normally this is no big deal, but the other guy roars, “What the hell you looking at punk?” What happens next? If the first guy, the parolee, says anything there will be a … Continue reading

Why Rejection is a Great Gift

Rejection is brutal. It can crush you. Strip you of your confidence. Leave you as an emotion train wreck. People will say ‘no’ to you. They will leave you. Many will make fun of you. It can be devastating. Remember this … When someone says no to you, it is a blessing. It means it is not the right time or opportunity for them. It’s their loss and your gain. It saves you from wasting … Continue reading

Flying Pigs, Rotten Apples, a mental health day, and Potatoes.

“Flying Pigs.” “Rotten Apples.” A mental health day. And Potatoes. We rushed out for summer camp without lunch. So I dropped lunch off for my 9 year old daughter at noon, just when the bus was arriving from their field trip. I stuck around to say hi and get a hug. As she walked off the bus, she was crying. So we hugged for a very long time and then I asked her, “What’s wrong … Continue reading

This is the kind of love I want

When I write, I write when I am inspired. When something moves me. When something grabs me. And when something incites me. This was inspired to write this by something I read. I want a relationship that brings us to a higher level. A lover who is also my best friend. When we make love, we become one and time will stop. Someone to travel the world, play together, act silly, experience life, and create … Continue reading

The first thing that captures a man’s imagination is …

Every aspect of a woman is to be appreciated. Her charm, intelligence and wit. Her beauty, confidence and laughter. Her heart, kindness and soul. And of course every sensual curve. The first thing that captures a man’s imagination is a woman’s body. We are visual beings. When a man is looking at you from head to toe, it is his primal code to do so. And for most men, we are fascinated with your breasts … Continue reading