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Self Improvement Book

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Self Improvement Book
Dream Big, Act Big! 100 marathons and 100 seminars, in 100 days. Life should be more than the boring old 9-5; find out how to embrace your own epic journey with this self improvement book today!

Croix Sather ran 100 marathons and held 100 seminars in exactly 100 days, and you — yes YOU can change the world and realize your dreams in the same amount of time.

You were born to do great things; all you need is a little direction. Starting on February 26, 2011, Croix Sather ran an almost unfathomable 2,621 miles from San Diego to New York City through grueling desert heat, over majestic mountains, in heartland fertile farmlands, past national parks, in the canyons of the greatest cities, and on spectacular stages with a simple and profound message of success and victory.

Deep down, you’re anything but average. Rise up and take your place among the thousands who have decided to seize their destiny: purchase this self improvement book and Dream Big and Act Big today!

BetterBody BetterLife

Self Help Books

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The Western world’s health crisis is absolutely out of control. Diet-related illnesses are on the rise with no end in sight, and consistent exercise routines are a rarity. It’s time for a lifestyle revolution, and Better Body Better Life is your key to making an incredible turnaround!

By now I’m sure you’re tired of all the health self help books diet gimmicks out there. You know, the ones where you have to buy their expensive food, skip out on the meals you love, and suffer from constant temptation and a growling stomach.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you haven’t found it.

Better Body Better Life helps you get in the best shape of your life with more energy, less weight, and a renewed sense of purpose in life. Croix himself is living proof that this solution works, so get started down the road to a healthy, satisfying life today with the best of the self help books!

  • A personalized and autographed book
  • A 3-month journal to guide you through your goals
  • The “Fitness for a Fabulous Body” instructional DVD with
    an introduction and exercises by Croix
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Entry to win 2 personal 30-minute phone consultations with Croix

Business Consulting

Croix is the only life transformation and business consultant who has actually achieved amazing results in his own life. He did this to walk-the-walk and set the ultimate example of what’s possible. Croix developed his success formula and then took that Champion Formula™ out into the real world to test it against the most challenging activities. In less than three years he went from a non-runner to running across America and then breaking the Badwater SSC Ultramarathon World Record.

Under Croix’s life and business consulting you’ll use this same Champion Formula™ to achieve amazing results in your life. You may not want to run across America, but you can certainly achieve mind-bogglingly amazing outcomes in everything you do!

Croix’s Top 3 Life & Business Consulting Programs:

Platinum Inner Circle with Unlimited Access:
This program is for individuals who want all-access business consulting from Croix and a shortcut to the finish line. Treat yourself to the maximum VIP experience and transform your business and life forever!

Gold Champion Formula™ Consulting
The Gold Champion Formula offers weekly access to Croix — build your life by design with alternating mastermind and life & business consulting sessions every week!

LIFExDESIGN Personal Success Program
The LIFExDESIGN Personal Success program is for those who prefer to study at their own pace at home.