My First Week As A NOMAD

My first week as a nomad. It’s crazy. It’s amazing. It’s a bit intimidating. But it is oooooh … so way cool. What I am doing (in case you missed it). I am living the full time traveling lifestyle. No home, no hotels, no plan. My lease was up and everything I own went into storage. I jumped into my car with a couple of suitcases and I am zig zagging the country on my … Continue reading

What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.

“What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.” [continue reading below image] When I went from a non-runner to a run across America in just one year, in part, it was to prove the idea that we have greatness inside of us that is beyond measure.   How did I go from non-runner to running a marathon a day every day for 100 days?   In the beginning of my training, I took a … Continue reading

The First & Best Victory is to Conquer Self

When you get knocked down. It’s okay to stay down for the moment. Catch your breath. Regain your balance. But don’t stay there for too long. If you do, it becomes comfortable. Then it becomes a habit. Then you get stuck. There is no shame if falling. There’s no shame in failing. There is no honor in staying down either. Don’t be the victim, Be the victor. The only failure is not getting back up. … Continue reading

Inspirational Speaker – TEDx Talk – Croix Sather

The TED stage is one of the most prestigious stages in the world. TED means Technology, Entertainment and Design. The event host the best thought leaders, authors, inspirational speakers, experts, artists and inventors on the planet. I am honored that I was selected as one for those people in 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are now almost 600,000 views on my inspirational speech TEDx talk, “Do the Impossible.” I share the experience of my … Continue reading