My First Week As A NOMAD

My first week as a nomad.

My first week as a Nomad - Croix SatherIt’s crazy.
It’s amazing.
It’s a bit intimidating.
But it is oooooh … so way cool.

What I am doing (in case you missed it). I am living the full time traveling lifestyle. No home, no hotels, no plan. My lease was up and everything I own went into storage. I jumped into my car with a couple of suitcases and I am zig zagging the country on my Dream Big America tour staying with friends.

I will be traveling for 100+ days. My kids are with my wonderful ex, Tina. She truly is an amazing mom and woman, and we are blessed to have such a great friendship. I stay in touch with my kids on text and Facetime. I will return in time for spring break and my daughter’s birthday.

I’ve stayed with 3 different friends this first week. Ed Ronan is a new friend who I will see again in Florida when I present my inspiration “Dream Big” talk to his team for their corporate event. Mary Gilbert I met once briefly 5 years ago at one of my run across America talks (see my previous post about this rockstar who moved to he dream town and also lost 100 pounds) and then I stayed with my spiritual advisor and dearest friend, the Millionaire Medium Lisa Jones.

I wasn’t totally sure I would like staying with friends. But it has been incredibly comfortable and fun crashing others people’s homes. Their lifestyles are dramatically different, and that is what I love about this idea. I cherish the differences in people. I thrive on learning how others navigate this thing we call life. My soul is filled by the presence of amazing people. And that they are – and sooooo much more.

This I have learned in my first week as a nomad ..

I am figuring this out as I go.
With few exceptions, this journey is a blank canvas to paint a masterpiece. I’ve wanted to do this for years. And now, here I am experiencing America on local roads and through the eyes of others.

Sometimes, the best plan is to simply jump and figure it out along the way. So that is exactly what I am doing. As the cliché goes, “Not all that wander are lost.” And wow, what a journey it has become.

My friends Lisa and David Jones have been kind enough to let me stay longer than planned. I may have over stayed my welcome (sorry guys J ), but it has been the most beautiful thing I could ask for because it gave me the safe and beautiful place to decompress, and let go of what was “normal” so that I can step up to this new “normal” travel lifestyle with grace.

Plus Lisa did some of her magic on me … holy moly … she is amazing. I strongly recommend everyone get a “Divine Angel Reading” from her. It was beyond powerful. She is one of the only people in the world I trust with my unconscious mind. Connect with her if you want to know what this is and how it will help you find peace within, and clarity of your purpose.

Is this a radical shift in lifestyle?
Not really. It’s a huge change in terms of where I sleep and work. A new place every few days certainly takes a bit of adjustment. But other than that, it is has been easy because I have learned this already, wherever I go – there I am. It has taken me years to get to this point, but now I am very comfortable with who I am. And so, I am comfortable most any place I am.

My biggest challenge has been that I am having too much fun and I am totally loving this travel lifestyle. However, I need to develop a new schedule and travel work ethic. It is far too easy to chat with friends or go sight seeing in a new city and find that at the end of the day, I didn’t get any work done. I may be on a nomadic journey but some work still has to get done.

So, at the end of my first week, it has been an amazing success.
… Croix



What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.

“What was impossible, becomes possible. What was hard, becomes easy.”

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"What was impossible, becomes possible.  What was hard, becomes easy." - Croix Sather - butterfly image

“What was impossible, becomes possible.
What was hard, becomes easy.”
– Croix Sather

When I went from a non-runner to a run across America in just one year, in part, it was to prove the idea that we have greatness inside of us that is beyond measure.
How did I go from non-runner to running a marathon a day every day for 100 days?
In the beginning of my training, I took a lot more days off than I did running. As my body slowly adapted, I took fewer days off and increased my mileage. In less than a year, I was running 20 miles a day for 5 days a week. Then I ran from California to NYC, and I ran over 26 miles every day.
My success was not based on any one day, but my overall progress. My transformation happened by always improving. There were a lot of bad run training days. There were plenty of days I didn’t want to run, but I did anyway.
It wasn’t an overnight metamorphosis. It was months of dedication, discomfort, and often pain.
If you cut open a cocoon so a butterfly doesn’t go through the difficult process of squeezing out, it will not fly. It can’t because it needs that pressure to squeeze out the excess fluid waste.
If you want to do something epic and be someone extraordinary, you will need to grow beyond what is comfortable, just like the butterfly.
I never worried much about the bad days, the unmotivated days or the painful days. I focused on getting better week by week and month by month. And slowly that is what happened.
What was impossible, becomes possible.
What was hard, becomes easy.
Don’t focus on the short game of instant gratification.
Focus on the long game of greatness.
Keep your head down and do your thing.
When you stick to to your end game long enough, you will discover a greatness inside of you that is beyond measure. Beyond what seems possible today.
If you want to loose weight, go to the gym and stick it out day after day. It will start slow, but then the magic happens. If you want be wealthy, build your business and wealth everyday. It won’t seem like much in the beginning, but then you hit a tipping point and everything changes.
To your amazing success,
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Small Shifts Equals Huge Difference

It’s just a small shift.
But that small shift can make a huge difference.

If you changed just one small thing this month.
You focused on it every day.
Made it a habit.

How would that effect your year?

What if you focused on just one new small thing each month.
12 small shifts throughout the year.

How would that effect your year?
How would that effect your life?

Need an example?
January – Plan your day the night before.
February – Sleep by 10:30 (get 7-8 hours)
March – Exercise 20/min a day
April – Meditate 15/min day
May – Get the most important thing done first
June – Limit social media/games to 15/min/day
… etc …

Imagine the cumulative effect of all of these small shifts that become habits. How much different would your life be in a few months? A few years? In a decade?

It’s the small wins that make the biggest difference over time. Like compound interest of your investments. The results are mind blowing over a lifetime.

Oh f*ck, we elected Trump? Why this may just be a great thing.

Oh f*ck, we elected Trump?
Why this may just be a great thing.

This isn’t about politics, it’s about you and me.

It’s a shock that he won. Not only to the left, but also to many on the right. Almost everybody missed the signs of his impending win.

Trump is an extremely ego driven man.
This ego may be the very thing that makes him a great President.

Granted, we all know – from the left, right and center – this will be one hell of a ride. He says stupid things and acts like a 5 year old on a tirad at times. We may just be okay if he doesn’t tweet at 3am.

But if we remember back to GW Bush, he said and did really stupid things too. Carter, a sweet man, but not all that smart. What about Nixon and Johnson – both kicked out of the White house. That’s just to name a few Presidential fails. We have had our share of knuckleheads sitting in the oval office … no doubt.

And we may just have one again.

But what if …
Just what if …

What if Trump’s ego motivates him to extraordinary?

Trump is crazy.
But, it is the crazy ones that change the world.

What if his advisors, cabinet, and staff help him rein in the crazy just enough to do some really great things for the red, white and blue. It’s been a long time since the political discourse has had a serious shake up and fat trimming.

For a moment, forget about his shortcomings.
What is Trump good at besides bullying, offending and grabbing?

– He has built an empire known around the world for it’s greatness and luxury.
– He has failed at a lot of business ventures. If he learned from it, that’s invaluable experience.
– He brings business experience that the White House has never ever seen before.
– He is a tough negotiator.
– He will push the limits.
– He knows how to get things done in a BIG way.

That is what America is about, right?
Big dreams, Big goals, and reaching for the stars.

There are many things I find disgusting about Trump. Things that are the opposite of what I believe a man should do, behave and be. Things I won’t explain to my tween daughter. I wouldn’t vote for him.

But I can set my vote and beliefs aside enough to understand why half of America did. And those reasons are significant and many of them I also agree with.

The government is bloated.
If anyone can curb that, this might be the guy.

The establishment is slow, lethargic and out of touch.
Maybe he can light a fire under their ass.

Taxes are broken, needing reform.
Healthcare needs an overhaul.
Some International agreements need attention.
And lots more that Trump may just be the kind of crazy we need for a while.

I don’t think Trump is as crazy or as stupid as he may seem. I don’t think he is as radical as he seems. If you have been watching him over the decades (I was a fan years ago, until I met him), you will know that he is more center isle than he ran his campaign. His election had to go extreme, it was one of the only ways an outsider could beat the establishment.

Am I worried? In some ways I am terrified about what is possible if he doesn’t control his ego, insecurities, attitude and temper. He has some very dark and deep rooted demons he is fighting.I don’t doubt his love for this country. So, I also believe he has amazing potential when harnessed for good.

I don’t have to like Trump as a person or a President, but I will respect him, his cabinet, and his presidency. I will also respect everyone who voted for him. I also respect those who are protesting against him. This is called democracy. We have a right to be heard.

I also choose to believe and know that good will win over evil. Maybe now or maybe in the future. But good always wins.

I realized something today while reading about the election poll breakdown, stats and how elections have played out for us in the past.

We go left. Then we go right. We go left again. Then we go right again. The liberals help force progress. The Conservatives keep us reigned in with cherished traditional values. Neither one is better because it is only together that we make sense. Only together can we figure out our problems, retain our history, and create a better future.

It is the dance between the left and the right that makes this country beautiful, graceful and amazing. We are one of the few countries in the world that have figured how to dance.

One thing that I am certain of … is this …
I choose to lead with compassion, respect, and integrity.
I choose to let love lead me.

Because in the end, that is what we all want. To be safe, to have meaning in our life, to be understood, to love, and to be loved. Ultimately, it always comes down to love.

Time will tell if Trump is a great President or not. But one this is certain, we will have a lot of late night comedy material, Tweets that make us shake our head and think ‘WTF’, and more people will be involved in the political process than ever before.

God Bless America
God bless every person in every country, race, creed, religion, sex, gender, beliefs and choices.

Trump, I may not voted for you, but I am rooting for you to give us another unexpected surprise of greatness. But please keep your fingers off Twitter and the nuclear codes.

50% of people DON’T LIKE YOU?

If you’re on the right, the left hate you. If you’re on the left, the right hate you.

If you’re in the middle or unattached, everyone hates you. Maybe hate is a strong word, but they think you’re an idiot.

It’s ridiculous that people will judge another simply because of a name they carry, a group they belong to, or because they have different beliefs or lifestyle.

I have yet to meet a republican that is actually a republican, or a democrat that is actually a democrat. I’ve only met people who agree with many but not all beliefs of their political party. Doesn’t this put most people somewhere in the middle?

Did you know that republican and democrat used to be the reversed in ideology to what they are today? And it is constantly changing. What was once liberal is now conservative. They are just titles and names that divide people by arbitrary definitions of the current time.

But we fight over these arbitrary names and ideas. We hurt and even kill because of titles, affiliations, religions and beliefs.

When 9/11 happened we came together as AMERICANS. We hugged and cried together. We dug through the rubble together. Police and Firefighters were heroes. Every day people were heroes too. Our flag flew proud because we were one nation indivisible. We were not weak, but strong because we rose together above the divisions of race, religion and affiliation. Red, White and Blue ran through our veins. We were strong because we were one.

We were not democrats or republicans. Black, brown, yellow or white. Police or civilians. For a while, we even transcended our American borders when much of the world came together as brothers and sisters in love and compassion.

Do you want to stop the madness of division and hate? There’s only one way.

Behave like you did after 9/11, Sandy Hook, Paris, or any other tragedy – with compassion and kindness. Be polite to everybody you meet. A simple hearty hello and genuine smile will do more good than you might imagine. Hold the door or lend a hand. Say thank you and you’re welcome. Be patient with those who frustrate you. Be kind to those you disagree with. Look people in the eyes and say, “Have an amazing day.”

If you are judgmental, seek to understand that person or group better. Read about them. Study the nuances of their beliefs. Share some time in their world, in their neighborhoods and at their social events.

If you are brave enough to do this, you’ll be compassionate and understanding even to those you disagree with. You’ll realize that we all want the same thing. Happiness, safety, respect, some sort of meaning in life, and to be loved.

This is our universal core as people regardless of your country, race, politics, or religion.

If you see an injustice, be brave and bold and stand up for what is right. Not with your fists, your anger, or vindictiveness. Stand up with the power of your compassion and intelligence to find a peaceful solution. That is true power! If you find that you are in the wrong, apologize and make it right.

You may say that you are just one person and there is nothing you can do, but this is an excuse of small thinking. You are powerful beyond your imagination. A genuine smile and compliment can restore someone’s faith in himself or herself. A courteous gesture can change a person’s mind about your whole race or religion. A loving act can save a person from self-destruction or destroying others.

We are not here to hate, hurt or kill others. We are here to lend a hand and help those who are down.

We are not here to tear down others. We are meant to applaud those who have reached great heights.

We are not here to fight about why we are different. We need to celebrate our similarities and our differences.

We are not here to succeed at the expense of others. But to succeed together.

We are not born to live in hate, fear and prejudices, We were born to live with love, compassion, and passion

There is much darkness in the world. We are here to be the light in the darkness.

Darkness is the absence of light. Be the light so that others can be in the light with you.

… Croix

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