Non-runner to a RUN ACROSS AMERICA.
Then a WORLD RECORD running through Death Valley. 
Inspirational speaker, Croix Sather will show you
How to get DREAM BIG results in your life.

Inspirational Speaker and Marathon Man – Croix Sather

The media calls him “Marathon Man” because of his astonishing accomplishments and life story. In just two years, Croix went from a non-runner to a 2,621 mile Run Across America in just 100 days and then he broke the world record running 146 miles though Death Valley, CA, the harshest and hottest environment on the planet.

Croix is an internationally celebrated author and Inspirational Speaker in the field of personal and business transformation and the psychology of success. He is a celebrity runner and speaker for Hope for the Warriors www.hopeforthewarriors.org and as a panel expert for Sunwarrior www.sunwarrior.com/Running/ Superfood nutrition. He has authored four books, hosted a radio show, and has appeared in hundreds of television, radio, and newspaper articles. He continues his legacy by sharing his experiences as an inspirational speaker to an array of industries.


“What is the hardest and most epic thing I can do? And how can I make a positive impact at the same time?” Those are the words that incited Croix’s epic run with only nine months of training. Starting in San Diego, Croix ran a marathon distance (26.2 miles) a day for 100 consecutive days until he finished in New York City. Each day he also presented an inspirational keynote speech. That’s 100 marathons and 100 keynote speeches in 100 consecutive days.

During his coast-to-coast run across America, he presented his “Dream Big Act Big” inspirational keynote speech to a wide variety of audiences “in challenge” such as: United Way, Inner City Entrepreneurship Institute, juvenile halfway houses, drug rehabilitation centers, juvenile correctional facilities, hospitals, rural high schools, Ft. Dix military base, Ft. Bliss military base “Warriors in Transition” program, and Hope for the Warriors. Plus, Croix donated approximately 10,000 of his Dream Big Act Big books to his audiences.

His finish was dramatic as he ran through NYC proudly running with a big American flag through Times Square, past the Freedom Tower and finishing at Wall Street. He ran his last three miles with hundreds of runners that were in the Run For The Warriors 5K race.

Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Keynote Speaker Croix Sather –
Presenting his keynote Dream Big Act BIg

Croix Sather - Inspirational Speaker - Badwater Solo Photo

Croix at Towne Pass, mile 62 into his unassisted
solo run through Death Valley world.
A 17 mile climb from sea level to 4,956 feet.

Solo Unassisted Run through Death Valley.

Just two years after Croix began running, he challenged himself to beat one of the world’s hardest races. It’s called the Badwater SSC self-contained crossing ultramarathon – also known as the Badwater-Solo. He was the third person to ever finish the completely unassisted self-contained crossing. Croix beat the thirteen-year-old record set by running legend Marshall Ulrich in 1999 by almost five hours for a new world record time of 72 hours and 55 minutes.

Unlike the annual Badwater Ultramarathon that was dubbed “the world’s toughest foot race” by National Geographic, the Badwater Solo Unassisted run does not have support crews and the runner cannot be assisted in any way for any reason making this an even tougher race.

It is a 146-mile race against the clock in the hottest and harshest environment on the planet. From 282 feet below sea level at “Badwater Basin” to the highest point in the continental United States, Mt. Whitney at 14,505 feet, Croix pushed a cart weighing 270 pounds filled with water, food and supplies. Temperatures ranged from 117 degrees on the desert floor to below freezing at the mountain peak finish line.

“It was the craziest and hardest thing I have ever done. It was way harder than my run across America.” For more info see: badwater-solo.com


Croix doesn’t just give inspirational speeches, he is inspirational. Croix is an internationally celebrated author of personal transformation and business success. He has hosted a radio show, and has appeared in hundreds of television, radio, magazines, and newspaper articles. He hosts weekly business consulting tele-seminar success training calls, teaching you how to achieve the harmonious life you want and be inspired by nature’s design.

Croix’s inspirational lectures, motivational keynote seminars, and peak performance consulting, teach core indispensable success strategies that we need in accomplishing amazing goals. He teaches to reach the conscious and subconscious level for profound and lasting effects. Whether it is a weekend training seminar or a corporate keynote, Croix inspires his audiences to amplify their greatest talent, to set audacious goals, and to “Cross the Finish Line” to achieve any outcome you desire.

It is one thing to learn from someone who teaches personal development, but it is dramatically more impactful when learning from an inspirational speaker with real world experience and world-class accomplishments who actually lives his message and can teach and inspire to get dramatic results.

Croix Sather Inspirational Speaker Profile Photo

 Inspirational Speaker – Croix Sather

Inspirational Speaker Croix Sather Finishing Run Across America

Croix finishing his Run Across America


Croix has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to create his life by design lifexdesign.com. At fourteen years old he was hit head-on by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle. The neurosurgeon said, “If he survives the night, he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.” He was in a coma for four days, in casts and rehabilitation for a year, and suffered problematic effects lasting many years. After the accident, life was a cycle of ups-and-downs until he learned the tools and strategies he teaches today.

Croix followed in the family trade and went on to become a carpenter just like his grandfather, father, uncle, and brothers. He became very good, very fast because he learned from amazing craftsmen in the time honored trade. Croix achieved commendable success in his twenties … if only for a moment.

His early success and relentless commitment to hard work and success were to become his recipe for failure. A single-minded unbalanced focus brought his world crumbling to the ground. He lost sight of what was important and began burning out in his career and personal life, leading to ending his first marriage and alienating his friends and family. While rebuilding his life Croix attended an inspirational speaker’s seminar that would forever alter the trajectory of his life. Croix realized that while he enjoyed carpentry, he wasn’t following his dream or his purpose in life. He left the family tradition and began a new journey.

Today Croix presents to audiences across America, through live events, home study success programs, and personal one-on-one consulting. He is currently working on his new book “You Never Quit”, and bringing “LIFExDESIGN.com,” lifexdesign.com his online and live success training program to the corners of the globe.

When Croix isn’t breaking world records or traveling the world inspiring others, he is “sharpening the saw” or writing in his quintessential New England suburbs home of New York City. Most importantly he is spending quality time with his two young children.